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Women's shoes made in italy


Made in Italy is famous throughout the world because it is a guarantee. A guarantee of style and quality. At Soldini, we know this very well, since we have been making shoes since 1945, and today, just like back then, we put all our care, attention, and craftsmanship in our products. Our care comes from passion. The care in choosing the materials, the love for the scent of leather before the first cut, the pleasure of grazing a suede leather to feel its texture, imagining the final result: a Soldini shoe. This is what passion means to us.
Our idea of style, on the other hand, becomes clear in our production and research. We don't just make shoes: we craft a handmade product embracing over seventy years of experience and craftsmanship.
In women's shoes, inspiration and imagination let us interpret the high quality materials we have at our disposal, welcoming a beauty only the female gaze can see and nourish. Soldini's goal is to value a woman's stride and outfit, every day, in any context.

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The loafer: the style of the 60s and 70s

Since 1950s, the loafer is not just a must for men, it is also within the world of feminine elegance, usually bound to a world of evolving femininity. It calls back to the feminist struggles which inflamed universities, squares, and most importantly the daily life of women from the 50s and 60s. Back then, women from all over the world put their heels aside, especially in the workplace, to shout out that women and men can wear the same shoes. Thus, as women entered men’s workplace, shaping change with energy and determination, they reiterated that femininity can also be expressed by wearing shoes previously considered as mainly masculine. A small gesture, that clearly showed women do not need heels to stand as tall as men! Today, loafers still remind the fervor of those struggles, and most importantly that style, impersonated and made iconic by Jacqueline Kennedy. This is why loafers are the perfect companions for both, slim-fit and wider cut pants, maybe even revealing a glimpse of the ankles. Speaking of the style of Jackie O’, we can’t help mentioning the sheath dress, for a combination evoking all the glamour of the sixties.
Beyond combinations, as bold as they can get, at Soldini we love loafers because they can perfectly blend with any piece of a woman's wardrobe, offering them a new point of view and meaning. Always in the name of elegance.

Women Boots

Boots and ankle boots: an evergreen

If loafers are shoes stolen from the men’s world as an alternative to heels for feminine elegance, boots, which also come from the world of men's footwear, were borrowed because men couldn’t give it enough value! In women's fashion, boots can be interpreted in a thousand ways. There’s the knee-high, or higher, boot, the string-less Chelsea boot, the combat boot, which is military and close fitting. Through the variants of this model, at Soldini, we can show off our knowledge of materials and leather. In this case, perhaps more than in any other, the choice of the right cut is essential for the boot to appear not only as a beautiful and refined shoe, but also to be comfortable and soft, fitting the foot like a sports shoe.

Oxford shoes: elegance and charm

The elegance of the oxford shoe is simply charming. This is because the attention to details in the oxford shoe is almost compulsive, and the attentive observer can’t help noticing it.
The oxford is the lace-up shoe of feminine elegance. Every cut and every piece is carefully designed and shaped so the final effect is compact and orderly, making this shoe more refined than its sportier cousin, the derby. What distinguishes the oxford more than anything else is its flower work, or broguing, which embellishes the toe-cap of the shoe or the seams. Watching a customer graze her hand over the pierced seams, studying our meticulous and careful work, which we believe a shoe should go undergo before it can be defined finished, is a pleasure to us.
The oxford is certainly a shoe that calls for a formal tone, that loves to enhance the leg wearing it by showing off its perfect line: as perfect as a woman's leg!

Women Slippers

The slipper: renovating a timeless classic.

If loafers are now a tested classic of women's fashion, the slipper, which is its direct descendant, has won a prominent place in women's wardrobe, making its way through the catwalks of high fashion and becoming a women's must for summer fashion.
What is most fascinating of this shoe is that, starting from a model with undoubtedly serious lines, as the loafer is, it brought about the flair of fringes, buckle straps, bites and tassels in the world of semi-open shoes. This shoe, which can be considered a variant of the classic loafer, is therefore a perfect summer shoe, one which does not fear any combination and, most importantly, any comparison!

Making shoes, women's shoes in particular, is not simply a job, it’s a calling. It requires a love for details, care and imagination. Not just to create the model we want to create, but also to imagine what the feet that wear them will do, the expectations, and what are the results we strive to achieve. Excellence. At Soldini, there is only one result we want to achieve: excellence.

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