The history of Calzaturificio Soldini began way back in 1945 in Capolona, a small town in the province of Arezzo, where the heart of the company is still located today. Gustavo Soldini, together with his brothers Giuseppe and Ermenegildo, took over the footwear workshop after their father’s death and founded the company called “Fratelli Soldini”, starting a purely artisanal activity of manufacturing footwear for men and women aimed at the local market of Arezzo and Florence. In the 50s, with the development of the business, a first factory was opened in Capolona, on the banks of the Arno river, and subsequently a second in Anghiari, marking the transition from artisanal to industrial production and coming to employ more than 800 employees. These were the years of the Italian economic boom which also opened the borders of the national market with the export of the product especially to the United States.

To deal with the economic recession in Italy and the crisis in the footwear sector also caused by the growth of emerging countries, in the 80s the company decided to focus on internationalization and product diversification. Two new brands, Stone Haven and Soldini Sport, were launched and also began the production of civilian, professional and military footwear, to which the Soldini Professional line refers today. Following the fire that completely destroyed the Anghiari plant in 1994, Gustavo Soldini decided to leave the management of the company to the second generation which continued the processes of investment, innovation and differentiation of distribution channels. In the following years the company enters new markets, registers a series of industrial patents linked to new natural and breathable materials and launches the new Antica Cuoieria brand in 2018.

Vision & Mission


Soldini is synonymous with Made in Italy. For over 75 years we’ve been producing our footwear strictly in the territory, combining the tradition and the artisan know-how acquired over the years with the most contemporary technological innovation. We strongly believe in Italian manufacturing and in the historical values to be found in the quality of the ancient productions of the territory. We are still convinced today that these principles represent Italian excellence in the world.

We research and select with competence, care and passion all the materials and leather that will make up Soldini footwear. The accurate workmanship done by the expert hands of our tailors, the meticulous attention to the single details of each product and the artisan experience poured into the creations, are the fundamental values on which the whole process of creating our footwear is based. Authentic quality products with an inimitable fit.

During the long corporate experience, the creative research of our stylists has mixed traditional techniques with the contemporary design of today’s fashion, managing to define the Soldini shoe as an essential complement for every style. A product with intrinsic Made in Italy values that wants to stand out for its comfort, the quality of the raw materials and a unique form of stylistic expression full of authenticity and passion.

The Antica Cuoieria brand, since 1945, combines the most recent technologies with the age-old know-how of the great Tuscan Soldini artisan tradition. The accuracy and recognizable style of Made in Italy, the elegance and art of handmade footwear as per tradition, give life to a contemporary, refined and comfortable shoe synonymous with excellence in the world

The Soldini Professional line is aimed at the market of emergency response, occupational safety and the law enforcements and the police. We create resistant and highly technological footwear capable of guaranteeing high performance in terms of safety and reliability, accompanying and helping millions of workers every day

The Soldini Professional line is aimed at the market of emergency response, occupational safety and the law enforcements and the police. We create resistant and highly technological footwear capable of guaranteeing high performance in terms of safety and reliability, accompanying and helping millions of workers every day


calzaturificio soldini

Soldini and Soldini Professional footwear are distributed throughout the national market through a dense network of multi-brand and single-brand stores. Discover the closest store to you among the 174 stores in Italy or contact our sales network to get all the information


Antica cuoieria

The Antica Cuoieria brand is sold in the 3 single-brand stores in Capolona, Florence and Milan and distributed throughout the country in the 200 dedicated stores. Search for the store closest to you or visit our official online store to find the product that best suits your needs



Over time, the Fratelli Soldini shoe factory has always pursued policies aimed at managing Quality, Environment and Social Responsibility. In this sense, the company keeps up-to-date both the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification which certifies the design, production and sales standards at an international level, and the 14001:2015 Environmental Certification that aims to ensure compliance with the requirements of high environmental sustainability, thanks to the use of technical solutions and low-impact materials for the territory and the environment.

The company undertakes towards all stakeholders to establish collaborative relationships in order to ensure the satisfaction of its Social Accountability Management System (SGRS) and the continuous improvement of the aforementioned system. Furthermore, in observance of work ethics, it has adopted a policy of respect for national legislation, ILO and ONU recommendations and the requirements of the SA8000:2014 Certification such as: force and compulsory child labour, health and safety, discrimination, working hours and remuneration.



Calzaturificio Fratelli Soldini S.p.a. is committed to ensuring compliance with the law, integrity, impartiality, honesty, transparency and responsibility as fundamental values. Given this, we expect all our employees, collaborators and business partners, in their daily activities and regardless of the role held and their nationality, to act in compliance with these values.

In accordance with Legislative Decree 24/2023, Calzaturificio Fratelli Soldini S.p.a. has established a reporting channel that can allow the fears connected to any suspicious conduct to be voiced, guaranteeing the confidentiality and anonymity of the “whistleblowing”