The Calzaturificio Fratelli Soldini S.p.A. undertakes towards all stakeholders (internal and external) to establish collaborative relationships (professional and non-professional) in order to ensure:

– satisfaction with its Social Accountability Management System (SGRS);
– the Continuous Improvement of the Effectiveness of its SGRS through the definition of this Policy and the Annual Objectives for Social Responsibility.

Regarding the principles of work ethics, Calzaturificio Fratelli Soldini S.p.A. undertakes to comply with all current national legislation, conventions, recommendations of the ILO and the ONU on Social Accountability and with all the requirements of the Standard SA8000:2014:

– Child labor
– Forced and compulsory labour
– Health and Safety
– Freedom of Association and Right to Collective Bargaining
– Discrimination
– Disciplinary Practices
– Working Hours
– Salary

Management and all Company Managers are required to disclose and activate the provisions of this Policy, undertaking to make it understandable to all collaborators and supporting its application with the utmost commitment through adequate training, informative and involvement moments.


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